Today Was THE Day

February 22, 2013

Notice anything about this picture?? Come on, look harder...oh wait you see it now? That's right my left foot is standing all on its own without any large boot or crutch supporting it! Today I was cleared of the boot by my doctor and I'm three pounds lighter (literally, that boot was not little). After seven weeks of recovery, it's safe to say I'm overjoyed to be rid of the space boot, the ace wrap, and gauze. My foot is free and it feels wonderful! I do have to admit, though, that I have forgotten how to walk. Or rather, that my left foot has forgotten how to properly take a step and instead would much rather limp along. The problem stems from a complete lack of ankle, calf, and toe movement while wearing the medical boot. Plus my knee didn't really bend much while walking. And thus, when I first tried to walk today there was a bit of a learning curve as I tried to get myself back to where I was before surgery. I'm still practicing and getting better. For now, I just have to live with the little bit of swagger I have in every step.