I Could Go For...

February 15, 2013

  • a grande caramel brulee latte from starbucks (there's no starbucks here and the withdrawals have begun)
  • a thunderstorm with booming thunder and brilliant lightning (it's true, i love thunderstorms)
  • a shopping trip with my mom and sister 
  • a ceramic pot full of fresh lavender
  • a bunch of lit candles, preferably lilac (spring is on the brain)
  • a date including dinner and a movie (that happens tomorrow night!)
  • a manicure and pedicure (the pedicure will have just have to wait until my foot is completely healed)
  • a trip/long weekend at the beach
  • fresh, cooked crabs from Savannah 
  • stracciatella lindor chocolate truffles (their cookies & cream version) 
  • the weekend....oh wait that starts in t-minus two hours! 

Happy Friday!!!