Wedding Wednesday: The Church & Venue

January 23, 2013

As soon as Pete popped the question this girl's mind was racing with wedding details from the venue to color palette. After talking with newly engaged friends and picking up random tidbits of wedding information over the years, I knew that Pete and I needed to find a venue immediately. That is if we wanted our selected date and a place we would love. So we got started on finding the reception location not even twenty-four hours later.

Looking back we went about things a little backwards (picking the venue first and then the church), but it worked in our favor. We had certain criteria we knew we had to have and kept to it:
  • the month of October (fall is my absolute favorite)
  • midway between our families (so that no one had to travel too far)
  • budget friendly 
  • a vintage feel
  • wooden beams in the ceiling (this was just a dream, but I was still looking for it)
Putting the first two together, we began our search. After adding the third criteria, our discovered options slimmed down once more. And then by luck I clicked a link (with a name that wasn't the most appealing) and fell in love with a venue that not only fit all of our 'must-haves' but surpassed them! The next day I called the owner, set up a time to see the place, and crossed my fingers it would still be available when Pete and I got there. You see, the man I talked to informed me that there was only one weekend left in October that was still open and at the time another bride was interested. My heart dropped, but I prayed and prayed and prayed. And God heard those prayers; Pete and I will be celebrating our marriage in the most perfect of places! 

After finding our venue, the church hunt began. Since neither of us are familiar with the wedding location, finding a church seemed daunting. Pete typed in the necessary information and the results were overwhelming. But a name stood out to him because it happened to be the same name of the road his parents live off of. The church couldn't have been more beautiful nor closer to what I had been envisioning. Coincidence? Fate? Either way, our dream church and venue are now booked and waiting for our big day! 

My advice to those with upcoming weddings or hopes to marry in their future is to make a list of your must haves for location, location, location (it's not just a real estate concept). Then work from there and widdle down your options. No matter where you wed and celebrate your nuptials, that place will become your place, your special place. I know come October Pete and I will have a new favorite place, our very own special place too.