An Apartment Made for Us

January 6, 2013

About two months ago I spotted an apartment listing online for a quaint place in Maryland. Pete and I glanced over it and really didn't give it much thought as we opted to look for lofts or homes instead. But when loft/house hunting came to a stand-still and we felt at our wit's end for finding somewhere to live, this quaint apartment came back into the picture. A phone call and meeting later, Pete got the grand tour of the apartment sans me. Yes, it was difficult not being a part of it, but Pete knows me, really knows me (my favorite things & not so favorite things) and I trusted him to make a decision on this place as our new home.

And as of January 1st we are the proud new renters of the most amazing and eclectic downtown abode. Pete and I truly couldn't be in a place that captures our personalities, interests, and wants better than our new residence. We are already planning the family gatherings, get-togethers, and downtown explorations (just think of all the little shops, cafes, and restaurants...*sigh*)! Of course, I cannot forget to mention the decorating, YAY!!

There is so much more to come as the apartment gets put together and unpacked box by box. I can't wait to share the final versions of the rooms, but until then I will be recovering from surgery and day dreaming about inspiration for room decor! There are many DIY projects to come (yippee!).

Maryland, I will see you soon...