Tick Tock

December 9, 2012

This is our story, Pete's and mine, it's the Tales of Two Hills. Actually I'm not a Hill yet, but in 300 days (yes that's an exact count) I will officially take on that last name and be married to my very best friend. Lately, I've been in countdown mode for everything. There's my upcoming college graduation, Christmas, foot surgery, a move to Maryland, and of course my wedding day. I'm sure you can pick out the events that I am most looking forward to and the one that I'm not so excited for. But nonetheless it's all on my countdown radar...12 days, 16 days, 25 days, 40 days, & 300 days.

Even my final days of college have turned into numerical numbers rather than fleeting moments. There are three class days, one exam, and two final projects between me and a walk across the stage to shake hands and take on my new alumni status. Not to mention the days I count down to get to Pete (that handsome man I'm going to marry). See, he's a new resident of Maryland (impending move makes sense now doesn't it) and while I'm finishing school at Virginia Tech the weekends become our precious time together. In all of this I try to tell myself not to wish time away, but I find it my biggest challenge. And ironically enough, I also try to slow the time down while with Pete...unfortunately I haven't figured out how to do that yet (*sigh*). I do believe the big man upstairs is trying to teach me a very important virtue, patience. Wish me luck.

Until then, I am going to bake lots of Christmas confections, take in the smell of balsam pine, end the past four and a half years of school with a bang, and try to remember how blessed I am for the way my time has been filled. This small town girl, with stick-straight brown hair, love for all things vintage & cozy, and an affinity for writing welcomes you to her blog. It is a place that will share my life and its newest adventures with you. This looks like the start to a wonderful friendship...happy reading!