The Holiday Season

December 14, 2012

Today I was one of Santa's elves...well at least pretended to be as I shopped for Christmas gifts. I get so excited when it comes to getting/picking out gifts for the ones I love, but especially so for the holidays. Christmas makes me giddy all month long and usually I get excited mid-November just knowing that I'm half a month away from some of my favorite things:

  • listening to holiday music 24/7 
  • watching every Christmas movie I can possibly find  
  • bright lights hanging on just about everything
  • childhood Christmas trinkets adorning my parents' house
  • Christmas smells drifting all over the place
  • beginning of gift secrets and surprises
  • family being together 
The best part of today was coming home for a holiday extravaganza weekend. One filled with baking, more decorating, claymation Christmas movies, etc. And as soon as I walked into the house, the smell of balsam pine, spices, and winter hit me. A tingle of excitement danced across my skin (you know, goosebumps). I've decided if Christmas has a scent, then it's how home smells right in this moment...*sigh* I can't ever seem to find the words to describe what it feels like coming home after I've been gone awhile, but it's a mixture of comfort, familiarity, and wonderfulness that wraps itself around me. 

**Being home today is a blessing and I'm thankful to be here with my family. Constant prayers that God brings peace for the families in Connecticut. Psalm 46:1-3