Snowflakes. Gillie's. Graduation. Party!

December 21, 2012

I didn't sleep at all last night; it was more of multiple cat naps throughout a seven-hour span. And when my alarm went off at 5:50 this morning I wasn't feeling rested at all and I certainly wasn't feeling my best. A shower and some coffee didn't even perk me up. See something is wrong with this picture, because today was my college graduation. I should have been over joyed for today's activities, but instead I was oddly stressed. After so little sleep, I was wondering how I would ever make it through the long day ahead, but that was a silly worry...because as soon as I was dressed and out the door with Pete my whole outlook instantly changed. The still darkness outside was being sprinkled by snowflakes, just enough that the ground was slowly starting to collect them and turn white. It was magical and exactly what I needed in that moment.

A trip drive to downtown Blacksburg and a walk in the snow took us to Gillie's for an early breakfast with family. If you know Blacksburg traditions, you know that this restaurant is a must and only appropriate for my last breakfast as a  VT student. 
We even had the Hokie Bird at breakfast...
And there is my favorite guy with three awesome nuggets! 
If you're not drooling over this, you should be (it was delicious!)
We met up with another Hokie Bird along our after-breakfast-travels.
And then there was the ceremony...
We filed in quite nicely...
and quickly found our seats.
Before I knew it, I was walking across the stage (^^about to shake President's Steger's hand^^) 
And off the stage, down the stairs I went.
The view from my level. 
After the ceremony, everyone headed to my parents' to enjoy some time with each other and celebrate the day. We ended the party with this awesome cake (thanks Mama & Daddy).